What Sets Us Apart

Drs. Jeffrey Dixon and Susan Berey are passionate about creating beautiful smiles in a relaxed, caring, and professional atmosphere. Their family-oriented practice has drawn children, teens, and adults for the warm and personal atmosphere, as well as the knowledge that they will be getting state-of-the-art orthodontic treatment.

Communication and Compassion

Both doctors and their highly trained staff put communication with each patient as a priority. The team knows that explaining every phase of orthodontic treatment and answering questions are what helps to instill confidence, which is essential for achieving a good orthodontic experience. Drs. Dixon and Berey are especially sensitive to their young patients, encouraging them and complimenting them on their success.

Personalized Attention

Drs. Dixon and Berey are exceptionally knowledgeable and are both perfectionists at their craft. Their combined education and dedication to staying on the leading edge of orthodontics has helped to create their reputations for impeccable work. Additionally they are kind and empathetic, treating each one of their patients as individuals, getting to know them personally so that they can tailor the procedure that is ideal for each one’s particular need.

Creating Smiles that Last a Lifetime

At Dixon Orthodontics, our services are designed to improve the quality of life for their patients. Those who before treatment would not show their teeth when smiling will always be proud to do so after their braces are removed. This new smile lasts a lifetime for all to see and enjoy. In addition, proper function is restored in many patients who would develop more significant dental health issues if left untreated.

3D X-Rays

The practice of Drs. Dixon and Berey is one of the few in the state of Connecticut to offer digital 3D X-ray technology. This enhances the ability to diagnose wisdom tooth position in relation to critical nerves and blood vessels in the jaw, to see impacted teeth and their relation to adjacent teeth before correction, to plan correct implants in adults, and to see the consistency and thickness of the bone that teeth will be moved through.

Water Purification

Additionally, Dixon Orthodontics is the only orthodontic practice in the state that utilizes the ECOsmarte® water purification system at the point of entry in the office. The system eliminates chemicals and heavy metals, and prevents biofilm from forming in the dental operatory water lines.

Infection Control

The practice has an infection control coordinator who is reviewing procedures monthly. As a result, Dixon Orthodontics regularly exceeds state and federal regulations for infection control. Keeping up with the latest changes and improvements in the orthodontic industry is also key to maintaining ideal infection control.

Initial Consultation and Special Emergency Hours

A complimentary consultation is available to you, whether you live in the Sharon, West Springfield, Simsbury, or East Hartford area, along with 24 hour a day emergency services.

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