Coronavirus Update

Dear Dixon Orthodontics Patients and Families,

The staff at Dixon Orthodontics hopes this finds you healthy and safe throughout the pandemic. We are reaching out to inform you of the measures we have taken to ensure the health and safety of our patients, families and staff. We are prepared to open and a number of work practice controls and modified clinical procedures that have been implemented to ensure everyone's safety.

At this time and until further notice only the patient will be allowed inside the office. Parents will be updated regarding treatment and future scheduling via text. If a parent must be present a mask will be given to them which will need to be worn and discarded after leaving the facility.

Based upon current guidance from the CDC updated medical history forms will be reviewed on a per visit basis and before patients are allowed to be treated. These forms can be found on our website and sent electronically from there. The forms must be filled out before the patient enters the building. New patients, small children and those having braces put on for the first time will be allowed to have a parent accompany them while donning a mask. A hand disinfecting area will be placed outside the front door. Each patient must use hand sanitizer before entering the office/building. Patients will be immediately seated in the clinic or may be asked to wait in the waiting room which has been modified to reflect social distancing guidelines. Staff and patient temperature checks with a touchless thermometer will be performed.

Additionally, patients will need to arrive at the office at their scheduled time with teeth clean. Our tooth brushing stations will be unavailable. Patients may be asked to rinse with a Peroxyl mouth rinse before treatment begins.

Each room has been outfitted with a Blueair 280i or 480i air filtration device. These are designed to purify the air of very small particles including bacteria and virus. These units recycle the air in each room 5 times per hour and remove 99.7% of particles down to .1 microns. Furthermore, patients will be in separate rooms or separated by a minimum of 8 feet in the main clinical area.

Universal Standard precautions will remain in place as they were prior to the pandemic. This includes, but is not limited to, sterilization of instruments, surface disinfection and proper PPE for staff.

In person office visits will be minimized. Several types of Orthodontic appointments such as retainer check, recall exams, visits checking elastic compliance and oral hygiene can be done virtually with our new Orthoscreening tool which many of our patients have already been able to successfully use. Information regarding this tool will be provided to you when necessary.

Should you have any questions please call us before your appointment. We wish everyone well and know that working together we will get through this. We will continue to provide excellent care in a safe environment. If you have not done so already please call us to reschedule your missed appointment. We ask your patience with scheduling during rest of the calendar year. Please call us to reschedule your missed appointment at your earliest convenience.

Very Truly Yours,

Jeffrey Dixon DDS, MS

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